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Wysa Mental Health App

The Problem

In this era of technology, we are connected to the virtual world but disconnected from the real world. Sometimes we feel anxious about our current situation and we need to talk to someone but due to our insecurities & fear of being judged, we cannot talk with anyone. It affects our mental health a lot and we simply ignore it.

The Solution

Introducing Wysa, your 4 am friend and AI life coach. Co-designed by therapists, coaches, users, and AI folks, Wysa lets you set the pace, helps you when it can, and never judges. It is free and anonymous. It offers many tools and resources to get over depression, keeps you motivated and stress-free. We are proud to have such an app originating from India.

Wysa is your private reflective space. For when you need to get your head straight. Nothing can match the privacy of an anonymous conversation with an AI bot. Think of it as an interactive journal that meets life coach. Wysa is good at asking the right probing questions, and helping you untangle and unwind after a hard day.

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Notable Features

  • The world’s only AI mental health app to comply with global standards of clinical safety ( Wysa comply with NHS standard DCB0129)
  • Provides various tools to keep you motivated and stress-free
  • Provides personal mental health coaches for achieving your emotional wellness goals and resilience skills (premium service)

Resources for your mental health

We can’t find much about Wysa in written article or video form but that doesn’t mean the app didn’t keep its promises. It is very easy to use and in-app assistance is very useful.

Here is a short video introduction of Wysa:

Similar Apps

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For guided meditation and to calm down your mind


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