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The Problem

Do you ever face the problem of managing multiple accounts on the same device?

We always want to separate our work and personal accounts on social media apps like WhatsApp and Facebook, also in some cases we want to play games from two accounts on the same device but some apps only support one phone number or account.

The Solution

DO Multiple Accounts app provides the feature of running more than 2 accounts for social media apps on one device. You can play games with multiple accounts and keep them online simultaneously.

Do Multiple powered by River Stone Tech, with the most light-weighted and powerful clone engine, can help you clone your app into another separated parallel space. What’s more, Do Multiple can help you manage notifications of the cloned app, and provide Privacy Locker function to protect the cloned app. It also provides the Lite Mode to reach best memory and battery usage for cloned app.

Notable Features

  • Easy to manage multiple accounts, separate work, and personal life
  • Switch fast between dual accounts with just one-tap
  • Privacy Locker to protect your cloned account
  • Lite Mode for best power and memory efficiency
  • Notification setting to manage notification of clones


To help you get started we have made a small video on how the DO Multiple Accounts app works.

Similar Apps

Here are few other options similar to DO Multiple Accounts.

Multi Parallel: Download from Google Play
Multiple Accounts: Download from Google Play
Clone App: Download from Google Play


These apps are tend to slow down phones a little bit while in use, but the advantage of getting things done is more than performance.

One notable feature on some Android phones is to switch accounts between multiple users. This way you can smoothly run two or more accounts on same device.

Let us know in the comments what do you think about this article? Do you use any such apps? Do you use something else to manage multiple accounts on your device?

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