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SMS Organizer, a Microsoft Garage project, is the smartest of all SMS apps. It automatically organizes your inbox, sets reminders and keeps track of your expenses—all this magic happens on your device safely, without any of your personal data being uploaded anywhere online. Never miss anything important — switch to SMS Organizer as your default SMS app to experience it now!

The Problem

Is your inbox filled with unorganized, junk & OTP SMS? Do you want to de-clutter your inbox? We all face the issue of having bulk SMS on our phone. From promotional to transactional, we get thousands of SMS in a month. We lose our important messages and finding them is a huge pain.

The Solution

SMS Organizer, a Microsoft Garage Project, is a FREE App that helps you focus on the SMS important to you. This app is built in India by Team Golconda, Hyderabad, India. The app is exclusive for Android device only. Download from Google Play Store.

Notable Features

  • Passbook of all your expenses
  • Automatic reminders
  • Offers from your SMS
  • OTP in notification bar
  • Smart assist for tasks
  • Auto-backup
  • Live train schedules (India only)

Features in details

Passbook of all your expenses

Keep track of all your bank accounts & wallets in one place, stay on top of your account balance and view each expense from each account. SMS Organizer doesn’t read any of your sensitive information.

Offers from your SMS

While shopping online, ordering in or paying bills, use SMS Organizer to get the best offers from your SMS inbox in one place. If you don’t find what you’re looking for, you can see offers from the web too.

OTP in notification bar

Now you can forget the days where you have to open your SMS and remember the long OTPs. Now you can see the OTP in your notification bar with user friendly copy button.

Smart assist for tasks

Check train PNR status, flight status, do web check-in, book a cab — all of this and more — directly through reminders. SMS Organizer helps you complete important tasks by guiding you to the right webpage/app at the right time.


Back up your messages to Google Drive. If you lose your phone, switch to a new one or even format it, your messages will be safe. Restore your messages when you reinstall SMS Organizer.

Live train schedules (India only)

Get live status of any Indian Railways train anytime, anywhere. This feature works without internet while you’re traveling in a train by using GPS to find your train location. You can also share your current train location with friends & family to keep them informed.


To help you get started, we have collected few resources from the web.

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We really love this app. It does not only save a whole lot of time, it also helps you focus on things which are most important.

Let us know in the comments what do you think about this article? Do you use any other SMS organizing app? Checkout our other mobile apps recommendation to increase your productivity.

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